About Library

"Library is the Best -Friend of the Vast World''

"Library is a Store House of Knowledge''

"Education & Library services are twin sisters & one cannot live apart from the other"


" To make the Library a Holy Temple of Books, Journals & Periodicals, Maps, C. Ds.

" To make the students aware of the ethics of Library.

" To Guide the Students to acquaint with rules and regulations of Library.

" To make the Library a peaceful place.

" Access to the Best Thought of the world.


" To discover new methods in the field of Librarianship.

" To train the students to search the books according to cataloguing.

" To inspire the Students to cultivate the habit of self thinking and to gain higher knowledge in their subjects, by providing them with necessary books.

" To provide Journals, periodicals, news papers and others to increase the General Knowledge of the students.

" To provide necessary books to the students to face the competitive examinations.

" To provide Employment news to the students to know about the vacancies.


" To attend the Workshops, Seminars, conferences to gain new knowledge in the field of Librarianship.

" To make Library "An Intellectual Service Station"

" To introduce modernization in to Department.

" To provide the staff members with as many books as possible to widen their

"Intellectual Horizon"

Library of an institution is regarded as a repository of learning process. It caters to the learning process of the students and the teaching process of the teachers respectively. The institution has an independent library building erected on the campus. It has been managed by the competent librarian properly. The principal constitutes the library advisory committee. The committee for the academic year 2020-21 is as follows.


The library advisory committee:

1. Prof. Prashanth N.S. Co-ordinator
2. Prof. P.M. Doddamani Member
3. Dr. S.P.Pangi Member
4. Sri. Santosh Udyogannavar Member-Secretory

Based on the feedback and recommendations of students and staff, the committee suggests for improvements if any needed and augmentation of learning resources to be included to the infrastructure. Presently the library is partially automated. It holds a commendable stock of reference books and Text books. And the Journals pertaining to different subjects are subscribed / subscription renewed.

It also holds a collection of old and rare books, e- resources and collections of the question papers of the previous examinations.

The following facilities have been provided by the library of the institution to make it user/reader friendly. E-Library management software has the following features.

1. Computer

2. Internet

3. The digitalization of the library is helpful in the easy access of

a) Subject – Author wise books.
b) Books borrowed.
c) Due date of return.
d) Penalty to be paid if the books are not returned in time.
e) OPAC - "Online Public Access Catalog."
f) Bar coding generation for books.
g) N-List

4. Poor students’ Lending Library (PSLL)

5. To encourage the meritorious students additional one more Book is issued to such students.

6. Apart from the books issued against the security of Identity Card each student is given 3 more books up to the end of the academic year.

7. The total built up area of the institutions’ library is 1800 sq. ft. G.F. and F.F. With the seating capacity for 200 students.

Library is kept open from 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. regularly. However before and during the examination days the working hours are extended from 8.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m.


The College is Organizing Self motivated Mega Blood Donation Camp on 16-06-2022 at 10:00 AM on the College Campus




Byadgi Education Society’s merchants’ Arts and Commerce College, Byadgi is one of the premier educational institutions in Haveri district. Byadgi is a taluka headquarter in the present Haveri district. Byadgi has been very famous for Red chili. The vast and extensive market yard is known as the second largest Red chilly dealing market in the country. Byadgi was even known once as a famous market center of garlic, areca nut, turmeric and jaggery with all its Florentine background. This place has been identified as a big commercial point in the country as well as in surrounding areas.





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