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The National service Scheme is in Indian government sponsored flagship for public service program conducted by the ministry of youth affairs and sports of government of India. Popularly known as NSS the scheme was launched in Gandhiji's Centenary year in 1969. In our college NSS unit it was started in the year 1985.

Motto :" Not me but you"

Launch Year : 1969

Official Year : Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports

Official Website : WWW.nss.nic.in

In our college Two NSS units are there. Each unit has 100 volunteers. NSS officer for first unit is Prof. Prashanth N. S. and the Officer for Second Unit is Prof. Prabhulinga Doddamani. These two units are carrying regular field activities in and around college and in the town and also they conduct a special camp in the adapted village every year..

Other than the above activities the units conduct a special "Health Camp", "Blood Donation Camp" and some awareness programs.

Objectives of N.S.S. :

1) Understand the community in which they work

2) Understand themselves in relation to their community

3) Identify the needs and problems of the community and involve them in problem- solving

4) Develop among themselves as a sense of social and civil responsibility

5) Utilize their knowledge in finding practical solution to the individual and community problem

6) Develop competence required for group -living and sharing of responsibilities.

7) Gain skills in mobilizing community participations

Advantages of N.S.S.

1) It helps in developing positive attitude, self confidence, courage and Patience.

2) Administrator and development of personality as a whole.

3) Personality Development.

4) Preference in admission/ employment.

5) It helps in acquiring leadership qualities and democratic attitude.

Regular Activities of N.S.S.

1) Adoption of villages

2) Contacting village area

3) Survey of the village/area

4) Identification of problems

5) Evaluation of project

6) Adoption of slum

Major Activities

The national integration camp (NIC) is organized every year and duration of each camp is of 7 days with day and night boarding and lodging. These camps are held in different parts of country. Each camp involves 200 N.S.S. volunteers to undertake scheduled activities.


The College is Organizing Self motivated Mega Blood Donation Camp on 16-06-2022 at 10:00 AM on the College Campus




Byadgi Education Society’s merchants’ Arts and Commerce College, Byadgi is one of the premier educational institutions in Haveri district. Byadgi is a taluka headquarter in the present Haveri district. Byadgi has been very famous for Red chili. The vast and extensive market yard is known as the second largest Red chilly dealing market in the country. Byadgi was even known once as a famous market center of garlic, areca nut, turmeric and jaggery with all its Florentine background. This place has been identified as a big commercial point in the country as well as in surrounding areas.





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